Deep Bloom

Deep Bloom Cover DesignStay tuned for the release of my book, Deep Bloom, a collection of original poetry that intimately narrates my personal, spiritual journey. It has been said that deep self-revelation descends through the personal into a transcendent universal. Over the years I’ve been told that this is what my poetry does. Even though I have written about my experience, I have heard more than once, “How did you know that about me?”

Below is the title piece on the desire for passionate aging. May it cause you to downshift into a gentle, unhurried tempo, to ease into a sweetly contemplative space, and to release a great sigh!



Can I withstand this deep bloom?
The coming loose, the wearing down,
the dogged burrow, up
through gravity’s superior negation, up
through entropy’s seductive ennui, up
past all the knee-jerk creature conditioning
of fight/flight,
to pulsate the supernatural yes
arching ageless in my core?

Can I passionately, wholeheartedly

I want to! I want to live
right through to the end in full frontal engagement,
awake to everything.
I missed so much of the rise…
let me taste every bite of the fall,
suck up each breath, sit raw in the light.
I want to be kind.
I want to hold my focus, shout out to the ebbing,
“You’re beautiful! You’re the moon at sunrise.”

For it takes a certain eye,
a stubborn, subversive eye,
to see through skin and bone and time
to the heart of the heart of the heart,
where rosebuds burst,
and oceans spill over,
and life gushes effervescent,

© 2004 Angela Hite. All Rights Reserved.

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