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Every woman has a story, and now, more than ever, that story needs to be told. Yet so many of us don’t allow ourselves to even explore our stories, much less speak them or write them down, because somewhere along the way, we were taught to close that door. The Write Through Your Heart Workshop is a warm, encouraging, judgment- free zone designed to help you gently and playfully open that door.

Each week, over a 6-week period, we work with intuition, imagination, dreams and memories, as well as with visual, audio, and other sensory stimuli. We talk, write, read, laugh, cry, and share. The goal is not to make art in the professional sense (though some go on to do so) but to unearth and reclaim our creative birthright.

And something magical happens. Our shared experience becomes a synergistic spiritual practice, as we ease out of self-consciousness and into open-heartedness. We learn to hear our heart’s whispers, build confidence and courage, and discover the power of women getting real with each other.

Our next workshop is January 17 – February 21, 2017, six Wednesday evenings from 7-9:30PM at Good Life Academy in Tarzana, California.

Next workshop: Jan. 17 – Feb. 21, 2017

Won’t you join us?

Angela Hite has been working with creative professionals for over 25 years – first as an ad exec, music producer, and production company CEO, then as a hypnotherapist and creative coach. A writer herself, she understands the delicacy of the creative process, especially in its early unfolding. A hypnotherapist, she understands the subtle, subconscious forces that need tender coaxing to rise into the light of conscious artistry. Fostering a reassuring but stimulating atmosphere for writers and creatives of all stripes is Angela’s prime directive, in classes and one-on-one.

“Angela’s exceptional integrity and ability to hold safe space allows for deep, deep writing to emerge. With her open heart, Angela helps you find your real voice.”  – STUDENT TESTIMONIAL


Write Through Your Heart JAN 17-FEB 21, 2018

3 thoughts on “Write Through Your Heart Workshops

  1. hillary felker

    I just signed up for my fourth Writing Through Your Heart workshop. I tried to journal my entire life but my heart and journal pages were closed and empty. I wasn’t a writer so I always felt extremely awkward. I bought beautiful journals but I was still uninspired and shy. Now I know it wasn’t about having the perfect journal to inspire me, it was finding the perfect teacher! Angie IS that teacher! Her loving heart and teaching style has made me want to feel my heart and write. The safe, loving and warm environment that she creates makes me want to open up. Thanks to Angie, I truly am writing from my heart now! Each week the group grows closer as we share and support each other. This workshop is a gift to my heart from my heart ♥

    1. Angela Hite Post author

      Thank you, dear Hillary! I am so happy to know you and to get to share with you each week! Love you mucho! And I shall use this beautiful testimonial!


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