About My Videos

Angela Catching Waves.  Photo by Korbin Kraus.
Angela Catching Waves. Photo by Korbin Kraus.

Had I been raised in California and known then what I know now, I would have gone to film school. When I moved to LA in the late 70’s from the deep south, I really didn’t know much about what goes on behind the camera. I flirted with the idea of becoming an actress, but it wasn’t my passion, and I didn’t stick with it. However, when I went into advertising, I began to understand the enormous creativity behind the scenes. I loved music and ended up in the audio side of the business, but years later, when cameras went digital and editing software became affordable for hobbyists, I began to learn the visual end of things. My years as a professional producer had honed my tastes and standards, so it was quite challenging to develop my skill set enough to satisfy my vision!  Luckily my tastes are rather Zen, so simple editorial techniques are my preference.

As is true of all my other artistic endeavors, inspiration is the theme in all my video work. I hope you enjoy. Please use the pull-downs to view the individual pieces. I mostly work on my own artistic offerings, but as you will see, on occasion I co-create on behalf of people or organizations who inspire me!



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