Urgent? Or Important?

“The Principle of Priority states (a) you must know the difference between what is urgent and what is important, and (b) you must do what’s important first.” – Stephen Pressfield

When I first read that quote I could feel a little bit of stress drain from my shoulder blades. Can you? As the world speeds up, and as our minds and bodies try to keep up, there is a growing urgency in the air, causing all kinds of reactivity in us and around us. Can you feel that, too?

I’ve written about this sensation before, calling it pressure, and it certainly is that. It’s also a free floating anxiety, a non-specific urgency…like the clock is ticking and the time is now. Now! But for what? What is the urgency? What is the pressure? If we don’t know what the urgency is about, how can we distinguish it from what is important?

Obviously on the social, political, economic, and environmental fronts, the clock IS ticking, and the clock feels like a time-bomb. The pulsing question so many of us are feeling, while the Talking Heads continue to rant back and forth is: what can we do? How do we keep our heads up, our hearts open, our optimism in place? What is our personal role in this brink? The energy is so thick lately, it seems hard to even place one foot in front of the other, to accomplish the most mundane things like emptying the dishwasher or getting bills paid on time. Overwhelm is the current lay of the land.

I do know what is important, though. And so do you. I wish there was a new word for it, a word that conveys the vast, penetrative feeling of positive possibility, the ever-fresh, alive, magical solution; a word that isn’t overused and misused so much that it has lost its potency…but the truth is the only word we have to describe the force within us that can drain away our reactivity… our radioactivity, our overwhelm…and diffuse the ticking bomb…is LOVE.

LOVE IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT. We know it. But we are in such a hurry, skittering across the volatile surface of life, that the depth and breadth and richness and calm within the experience of Love is dismissed or pushed aside, because we are in the trance of urgency. And we know that, too.

So let’s just take a minute to breathe, right here, right now. LOVE IS ALL WE NEED. From the surface hypnosis, it sounds like trite, Pollyannish pablum, I know. I’ve felt that feeling many times myself. But when the force of Love comes alive, and we get a glimpse through Love’s eyes, everything is possible. Nothing is impossible. Answers arrive. Magic appears. Energy is released. We just can’t hold it yet, that’s all. We lose our vision over and over again. Maybe that is the urgency we seekers feel. The urgency to stay plugged in.

So this is my prayer for us all today.  May we relax as best we can into the new rhythm of this consciousness evolution. May we trust the unfolding. May we allow ourselves to be rewired in love. May we remember what is important… and do that first.


17 Replies to “Urgent? Or Important?”

  1. The late Michael Been wrote – “Don’t you see that love offends us/as it rises up against this waste/even with or without reason/evidence of sin and grace…” We all know love is the simple answer to every thorny question life poses, yet we can’t follow through consistently. So, we are offended. Our self image is crippled once again by our shortcomings. The question is – why is it so hard to love unceasingly? The Pope comes to America and simply promotes a love based philosophy, and everyone declares he has rewritten Christian faith. Why has the simple message of love become so forgotten? Why is it so hard for us to love ourselves? Until we do, the road to enlightenment will be dark indeed. It’s ok…say it – I love myself. Oh…and throw in some forgiveness as well.

    1. Love, in our culture, is valentines and easy-speak. And it IS that, too, but the FORCE that is love is just not acknowledged enough. It doesn’t require a catastrophe, a life-threatening moment to experience it, but it does require a willingness to die to it, as my brilliant friend and teacher, Diana Lang would say.I know this energy now. But I can’t maintain it. May that be my life’s work! So great to hear from you, Jim! I love your comments.

  2. I love this post Angie!! Just what I needed to hear. I’m feeling it too. Urgency…for God only know what or why? I just had a talk with mySELF earlier about this. And what I heard was “return to love no matter what.” LOVE is always the answer. ❤️

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