Lifting Up: I Just Know I Can Fly

Several years ago, I experienced a cluster of dreams, in which I was being schooled in the art of flying by illuminated beings. Angels? Aliens? Subconscious archetypes? Something I ate for dinner? I don’t know, but they were nice.

They showed me how to establish and have expectation around an intention, how to create a particular emotional state (lightness of being, of course), how to practice altering the downward thrust of gravity in my body (“as consciousness rises and becomes less dense, so does your body”), and then how to attune my hands’ sensitivity to the recognition of gravitational energy, so they could push against gravity the way magnets can repel each other. None of this was actually spoken by these beings. They simply conveyed the two-word thought:  “Lift up,” which went through my brain-filter in all it’s dense and detailed language and image processing.

In these dreams I also witnessed flight happening all around me. There were hundreds of us in the outdoor school, lifting a few feet off the ground, then gliding back down, then a few feet more, then back down. The more I saw,  the more I believed in the possibility.

As my sensitization to the feeling of gravity grew, my first awareness was that of my hands dragging through air, as if it had become the consistency of water. I could feel the weight and pulse of it, the texture of it. Of course, the air hadn’t changed.  My consciousness  had.

Pushing AirOver time (and through several dreams), I began to notice a shift from dragging through air to pushing it, the way magnets’ matching poles propel away from each other. And from there, I began to lift and direct myself into the sky, being filled with enthusiasm, then gripped by fear and doubt, which tumbled me back to earth. Eventually, I could sustain the joy long enough to hover around the tops of trees.

I would wake from these dreams and feel the experience so strongly in my body, that I would literally get out of bed in the middle of the night with the belief I could do this! I could “lift up!” Alas, I could not.

These nocturnal “lessons” all happened several years ago and then stopped, until the eve of my birthday this year. In this newest dream, I was no longer in school, and I’d forgotten I could fly. But due to an emergency in which I really needed to get some altitude (I’d lost my daughter at a theme park), I had the sudden recollection of my skill set and launched myself far above the treetops to scan the ground, like a hawk in search of dinner. I found my daughter and woke up, exhilarated.

We could have a field day with dream interpretation here, but the analysis, though compelling, was far less captivating to me than the actual physical sensation. I always woke up absolutely certain that physical flight as human beings is possible, because I had done it! I knew the sensation, like I knew the feeling of tossing a ball, climbing stairs, or swimming in a pool.

So, here is where my story shifts from dreamland to my backyard.  And no, I did not fly in my backyard.

On my birthday morning,  I was sitting on the patio with coffee and journal, writing about my flying dream, talking with Holy Spirit (my name for the Mystery) and asking (don’t laugh), “Is it indeed possible for humans to fly… for me to fly? We hear about yogis who can levitate. Am I, perhaps, being trained through dream work to do something my conscious mind wouldn’t necessarily be open to?”

I pondered and wrote, feeling sheepish, but nevertheless giving some effort to mentally lifting my butt from the seat cushions! After a very short amount of time, though, it became clear to me that no, I’m not yet schooled enough to lift these dense hips and thighs! But perhaps I could lift the leaf resting on a chair across from me? Ha! So I concentrated on the leaf, and within a couple of minutes the wind began to blow like crazy, and leaves began to fall from a nearby tree all over the patio. That one leaf on the chair, though, sat perfectly still.

It was pretty funny, as if Holy Spirit was teasing me, saying, “Seriously, honey.  We have a LOT more work to do, but I hear you, and I love you for trying!” My heart became so light I couldn’t stop giggling and feeling a true sense of connection with the wind, the trees, the falling leaves.  I was playing with Life, and Life was playing back! It was a perfect birthday present. This old girl still had some young girl in her!

I then heard inside my head, “Turn on your video recorder.” I immediately picked up my phone, zeroed in on that still-dead-still-leaf on the chair across from me, and waited. After fifteen seconds or so, the leaf bobbled. Just once…a little birthday bow.

Laugh, if you will, but I’m on to something.  I just know it!  😉

If you have flying dreams, too, please share! What a fun conversation (and maybe a classroom experience) we could have!

Blessings, everyone!

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  1. Great story. I can feel the sensation inside myself as you describe it. I’ll be peeking during meditations from now on to see what you’re up to

  2. What an amazing dream experience you’ve had, Angie! I LOVE the beautiful image you’ve used of the flying girl above her bed with the vibrant colors – way cool! MAYBE … the illuminated beings in your dream represent extraterrestrial “contact” which I believe is approaching fast and which I interpret as a very positive advance for civilization. Either way, I believe you’ve definitely been beeped! While I haven’t had flying dreams that I can recall, I also think you’re on to something and your “gravity” theme is very intriguing. When we pay attention to our dreams and intuitive nudges about them, which surely come from our higher Self, we can open to a much higher understanding about life. Why shouldn’t we believe that dreams are just as “real”, though occurring in a parallel reality, as what occurs in the physical realm? And speaking of yogis who can levitate, you may know of the Kogi tribe, an indigenous ethnic group that lives in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains in Colombia. I attended a very special event in Sedona in 2012 when some of the high-ranking elders of the Kogi tribe came to give a very important message on how mankind must begin to honor the Earth instead of destroying it if we are to survive as a species. I believe in their power to transform their physical bodies into light bodies and have heard eye-witness testimonies of those who have sat in ceremony with the Kogi in their native Columbia and witnessed them levitate and fly which seems to be the way they communicate and receive knowledge and wisdom from the Spirit realm. Sounds far out, but I think it’s time we “average” folks begin to explore our inner dream world more and pay attention to the signs. And dream on!

    “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

  3. I read the book Jonathan Livingston seagull and felt as if I could fly. What an absolutely spiritual experience. The feeling that you could move an object by thinking you could is also something I feel, also.

    1. Haha, Janet! Ya think? I’m moving in the direction of the Unbearable Lightness of Being! Remember that movie? (I think it is bearable, though it sometimes feels a little unbearable getting used to it!!!!!) Love you!

    1. Oh, you NEED one, Heide!

      Try this: throughout your day think about flying. Just for a second ask: am I dreaming? You’ll think: no. And that will be that.

      Except eventually, after a few months of asking this, it will become a default question in your brain. And then one night you’ll ask it while you ARE dreaming!

      At that point you will look around and say: omg! Yes!

      At which point you should try a little light leap into the air & spread your arms. Think upwards!

      If you know you are dreaming, it’s just a hop-skip-&-a-jump to Flying Dream. 😉

      Good luck!

  4. I enjoy reading your blog. Two thoughts. 1) It reminds me of the times at Byram when we sang “UP UP and Away in my beautiful balloon”, I can see Mr. Tillery leading that now. 2) I took a hot air balloon ride on a few times when I worked in Greenwood. The dreams I had after those times were a lot as you expressed so well today in this writing. Keep fighting high!!

    1. Hey,Pete! How great to hear from you. Wow, I hadn’t thought about that song or Mr. Tillery in quite a few moons, so you have taken me on a little flight, yourself! Blessings!

  5. Wow! Thank you so much for your courage to speak up, ponder, question, and sing out loud on the beach!

    I have recurring flying dreams that always make me double check if they were actually dreams. Sometimes feeling more real than the awakening time right after, I’ve felt like I needed to somehow keep this knowledge of defying gravity a bit of a secret. Lately, in the dreams, I’ve started to “lift off” in view of a few trusted folks, finding a comradery, receiving that glint in the eyes of those who also can “get light.” Too much fun!!!

    1. Jamie, girl, so great to hear from you, and I’m so glad you, too, are soaring in your sleep! You remind me that in one of my dreams, I lifted off in front of a group, fearing what they would think (and hoping to impress them, too, as I recall)…and they didn’t even notice! It was so disappointing! Then I realized, they couldn’t even see me flying! Perhaps only those who know for themselves, can see it in others! 😉

      Much love, my friend.

      1. Interesting! Something to keep in mind while we go about our spiritual work. Those who don’t know, won’t see. But we mustn’t let it change or doubt our course!

      2. One more thought:

        As a child there was a small cliff behind our house. I distinctly remember looking at that cliff and thinking: “If I were to jump off there without a single doubt that I could fly, I could. But I’ve already been here long enough that I would wonder, and just that small bit of doubt would be enough to make my fall.”

  6. Such great description of a magical experience! I have never had a flying dream and even as I write that, I feel the resistance in me, the fear to even dream about it. Hmmmm… Something to write about? Thanks for sharing your magic, Angie, girl! Dream on!

  7. Kindred spirits indeed! Yes, yes! A fellow flying school buddy here for sure.

    I love this image, of fellow awakening souls learning their true potential; the symbol of flight school. It rings so true!

    I particularly appreciate your sharing the insights you gleaned from your efforts—treating the air like water, comparison to magnets, etc.

    Every time I have a flying dream–which is about every few months if I’m lucky & I have yet to receive instruction; I’ll have to talk with Spirit about that!—it’s a sense of “Oh, I KNEW I could do this!” Always a sense, like your last one, that it was something I had forgotten & greatly missed.

    I think we have flown before & I think we will fly again. Perhaps not in this reality, yet…but in others. It’s in our subconscious records that it is possible to lift up in a way our current physics deem impossible.

    I have had the best dreams soaring over landscapes—one time over a canyon riding a great hawk!

    We are most definitely in flight school. Figuratively &…eventually, as our relationship to reality evolved, perhaps literally.

    Thank you for sharing. I definitely think you’re on to something. 😉

    On on,


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