The Open-Heart Payoff

Rain flyingIt is raining in Los Angeles today. It rained a good part of the night. The relief in the air is so palpable that I feel almost light enough to fly. This is the payoff of an open-heart.

We’ve been talking about open-heartedness a lot lately, and how much courage it takes to live that way. How Fierce Love means being willing to have your heart pierced again and again. And that is true.

But the flip-side of that courage and ferocity, is the ability to feel unadulterated, childlike abandon when JOY is the emotion coursing through your veins. And that is what today is like in LA for the open-hearted. It’s like Christmas morning for a three-year old. It’s like pancakes with pure maple syrup. It’s like Mommy and Daddy wrapping you in a warm, snuggly towel on the beach after playing in the ocean. It’s like that first kiss, the one that lights you up from head to toe.

I hope you are feeling all that this morning. And if you aren’t, love yourself right where you are! Feel what YOU feel! That is the gateway! Remember that post that was making its way around Facebook…the one that said truly accepting and forgiving your non-peace would transmute it into peace? Same thing!

Brené Brown talks about the vulnerability (that word again!) of joy, the counter-intuitive truth of how we hold ourselves back from joy because of unconscious guilt, unworthiness, and the knee-jerk fear that something bad will follow if we let ourselves be this wide open. I feel that tug to contain myself even as I write this! (Here is the link to a Brené Brown conversation with Oprah on that very thing, if you haven’t seen it or want a refresher).

But this morning my heart isDiamond Heart pulsing like a beacon…and I am sending you what I’m feeling. I know it is contagious, so let it pass through you (you might find yourself giggling!) and then let it flow on to your friends and loved ones. There is more than enough to go around. As a matter of fact, the more you send, the more you get. Today, right this minute, we can participate in a MASS healing!

Blessings, blessings, blessings, my friends!


9 Replies to “The Open-Heart Payoff”

  1. Thank you, thank you, THANK you! Thank you for a wonderful, refreshing call to open our hearts WIDE today, Angie, and breathe the FREE air. I’ve vowed to release all FEAR in my life because in whatever form it comes to us, it holds us back from living in JOY, as you point out in your post – “because of unconscious guilt, unworthiness, and the knee-jerk fear that something bad will follow if we let ourselves be this wide open.” As Brené Brown has said in many of her talks – until we can be “vulnerable”, we cannot know and practice compassion and empathy toward ourselves or another. Peace begins with me.

    Thank you, my friend, for shining your bright, beautiful light upon us again today. What a BEACON you are! (In fact, I might need sunglasses …)

    Love and blessings of JOY to us all!

  2. I DID giggle! Thank you and thank God and Mother Nature for this refreshing hopeful rain! Keep ’em coming, Angie my friend! You are making a difference! Love you!

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