What Participants Are Saying


“I just signed up for my fourth Writing Through Your Heart workshop. I tried to journal my entire life but my heart and journal pages were closed and empty. I wasn’t a writer so I always felt extremely awkward. I bought beautiful journals but I was still uninspired and shy. Now I know it wasn’t about having the perfect journal to inspire me, it was finding the perfect teacher! Angie IS that teacher! Her loving heart and teaching style has made me want to feel my heart and write. The safe, loving and warm environment that she creates makes me want to open up. Thanks to Angie, I truly am writing from my heart now! Each week the group grows closer as we share and support each other. This workshop is a gift to my heart from my heart ♥” – Hillary Felker

“I am currently enrolled in my 4th series of Angie’s writing class, and as far as I know, I am signed up for a lifetime practice! When we write from an authentic and vulnerable place, we share our hearts with each other and with the world. The world needs this. Every time I attend Angie’s writing class, I have a transformational shift, by placing all my thoughts and wildest imaginative stories onto the paper where a whole new world develops—one that describes my very raw humanness. When I voice my words and hear others, I feel a stronger bond with myself and with the women in the room. I return to the womb where I am held; I come home. This is a spiritual process that deepens my connection to my spirit and to the spirits in the room, an art form that takes my greatest doubts, fears and worries and turns them into heart-opening expressions of my perceived darkest shadows. When I share and express what has been hiding inside, I feel lighter and freer. I return to myself, all parts of me broken and unbroken at the same time. Angie creates a safe place for us to explore our personal stories and feel comfortable sharing them in a supportive and loving environment. I love her, and I love this group. It is an anchor I look forward to every week.” – Lotem Porat

“As long as I’ve known Angie, she’s had two unshakable passions:  searching for life’s deeper spiritual meaning on all levels and a love of writing.  Now, after years of study and practice, she’s combined her wisdom of both into this amazing class.  She’s truly a natural born teacher.  Her warmth and inner light safely and creatively guide students to new levels of self-discovery.  It was an amazing series … and I’ll definitely be back for more!” – Korbin Kraus

“Writing Through Year Heart, led by Angela Blaine Hite, was an incredible experience. Angela leads you on a journey to picking up the pieces of your life through writing. With her heart provoking writing exercises, she gently guides you through a self-discovery process, helping you to shine a light on that which is ready to be seen and heard. Angela’s exceptional integrity and ability to hold safe space allows for deep, deep writing to emerge, while creating a sacred environment of support and love which invokes an upliftedness, a high frequency if you will, between all participants. With her open heart, Angela helps you find your real voice.”  – Jodi Plaia

heart-stone“Angela Hite’s class Writing Through Your Heart, has shifted my writing from journaling to Creative Spiritual Practice. Within a safe and inspiring circle to connect, encourage and applaud our own lives, she teaches how to dim the roar of perfectionism and self-judgment (two aspects sure to kill any creative endeavor I begin) and nurture self-compassion. I cannot recommend this class enough, especially if you have longed for an authentic, open-hearted teacher to guide your pen on paper.” Cecilia Ann Carson

“I have been privileged to attend three sessions of Writing Through Your Heart, and I am hoping that this wonderful course can go on forever! Having taken multiple writing classes and experienced many meditation/spirituality/self-help groups, I can say that Writing from the Heart is the best of them all. Angie’s gentle and generous spirit creates a safe environment for self-exploration through the written word. She provides inspirational imagery and creative writing prompts to unlock your own inner voice, revealing insight and beauty and an appreciation for your own rich life experience. If you are looking for a gentle way to experiment with writing and personal growth, you MUST take this class!” – Brenda Hillhouse

“Angie’s class, Writing Through Your Heart, is a space to discover a voice I was not used to hearing. It was unfiltered, raw and honest. When I read my innermost thoughts to the rest of the group I saw a different part of myself. It was like inner wounds or current challenges were given space to figure themselves out. Angie creates the conditions to be this open. It does not feel like a writing class, because a writing class often feels like work, but Angie’s class is more about guiding us down a path that is already inside of us and trying to get into crevices and nooks. And yes, it can be scary, because putting words to certain experiences that have never been discussed can feel like we won’t be able to pull ourselves off from a fetal position on the floor. But actually, what happens by putting thoughts and stories on paper and then sharing it with the beautiful women in the group, allows us to feel a little lighter.” – Jamie Briskin