The Fashion of Grace and Frankie

The Fashion of Grace and FrankieAre you watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix?  It took me a couple of episodes to sink into the story and embrace the characters, but I am hooked now.  And I’m having this epiphany.  It is so GOOD to watch people over 50 on television!  OMG!  They are me! Not in their situation, but in their wrinkles and aging joints while still having lots of life, lots of desire, lots of discovery.  It is just so wonderful to be represented!

I am particularly enjoying the wardrobe choices.  That may sound superficial, but I have to tell you, we “vintage women” don’t have a lot of representation in the fashion world. I don’t know a single woman over 50 who says shopping is a delight.  Age-appropriate and body-appropriate are questions we wrestle with, but hey, we still want to look good!  We still want to look like the sensual, passionate, colorful, unique women that we are!  Grace and Frankie are quite different from each other in persona, and this is represented in their clothing choices. But they are dressed with a flair and vibrancy that I definitely want to emulate.

I’m taking note!