Riding the Waves of Flow

PerfectionismThe perfectionist fixes one line of a poem over and over – until no lines are right. The perfectionist redraws the chin line on a portrait until the paper tears. The perfectionist writes so many versions of Scene One that she never gets to the rest of the play. The perfectionist writes, paints, creates with one eye on her audience. Instead of enjoying the process, the perfectionist is constantly grading the results. The perfectionist has married the logic side of the brain. The critic reigns supreme in the perfectionist’s creative household.

-Julia Cameron, The Artists Way

Well, hell. That is me. No wonder writing, which I love with all my heart, can feel like such a chore! I’ve killed many a poem this way.

Yes, yes, I have known I am a perfectionist for a long time, and have worked for years to let it go. The fact that I put up a website at all is evidence that I have made some progress on that score! But the practice is ongoing, and something about those lines above cracked the shell a little bit more.

Maybe it’s the times. Maybe it is this constriction we have all been feeling, with pockets of relief that are so counter to the squeeze we feel we could fly. It’s a high/low time, that’s for sure.

For those of us who want to give Light, be Light, we’ve beenย coming up hard against the rocks in the river. At least that’s what’s happening in my circle. Is it happening to you? Are you feeling slammed in the fast current?

The message I’m getting this morning is to just let it go! Just be! Just write! Just ride! Just live! We can’t direct this thing, as much as our controlling selves want to. We can do our best to stay in the raft. And if we end up in the water, we can crawl back on board. And if we end up with a bump on the head from the tumble, we can let it scramble our brains a little. We need our brains scrambled.

So that’s it. That’s the message for today. Can you feel the shift in my tone? I’m giving it a try. Wide open. You might even find a typo here. Lord, help me.

11 Replies to “Riding the Waves of Flow”

  1. Oh, I WISH I could find a typo in that post! Thanks for sharing your journey and for your vigilant message, my friend. Needed it today! xo

    1. There was one. I corrected it! I’m STILL not as free-wheeling as I would like to be! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love you, darling. We will get this if it kills us!

  2. “…Can you feel the shift in my tone? I’m giving it a try. Wide open. You might even find a typo here. Lord, help me.”

    I hope so! (And I am your greatest teacher in this, lol.) I love you so, Angela.

    That Cameron quote just about killed me. It’s soooooooooooooooooo T R U E.

  3. Oh hell yeah, Angie! Me too! Perfectionistic to the core! I call all this personality stuff birth “anomalies”. It sounds a little kinder than birth “defects”, and a little less academic than “archetypal patterning”. But whatever we call it, we eventually come face-to-face with all of who we are, and do our best to release what has been perpetuating our limitations. God help us all into the flow….

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