A Little of This, A Little of That

This and that2I have so many snippets…little short pieces of poetry and prose… that don’t fit a category but deserve the light of day!  So now they have a home!  MORE COMING SOON.

Here is one of my favorites.


I dreamed I was cutting my way through an overgrown jungle, with great cinematic shafts of sunlight pushing through the tree branches, when I came upon a giant Buddha-like statue, sitting in lotus position. I climbed into the statue’s lap, and it came alive!

Suddenly, we were playing a video game, this big Buddha and I – a virtual reality game. 

His arms and my arms became connected, and the movements of my hands held his power. My mind was connected to his thoughts.

Out in front of us, as if on a giant 3-D screen, “evil” spirits – little black, sparky ghosts – flew toward us. The Buddha told me to lift my hand and gently touch them with my finger…and with my mind. BuddhaWhen I did, the ghosts dissolved! I could simply touch them with his help, and make them disappear.

At first this was great fun, this feeling of power. The little imps seemed tiny and meaningless against us. As in any good game, however, the difficulty soon notched up, and now hundreds of little sparks poured forth, adapting, swirling away from my touch. Ah, but my skills grew to match the difficulty! I learned I didn’t have to touch each one individually; I could wave my hand and wipe away legions of them at a time!

But again, the game got harder.  Now thousands and thousands more poured forward and mutated into larger, more terrifying creatures. Still, with each advance, I continued to learn new maneuvers to outsmart the monsters and zap them into oblivion.

Soon, though, I began to tire.  My arms ached, and I became overwhelmed. I was losing my resolve.  Would the game ever be over?  Would I have to fight like this forever? Then the Buddha whispered,

“You can fight this way if you want, feeling the light fly off your fingertips and keeping your eye on the enemy. But as you see, you’ll grow weary. There is another way. You can turn your attention to the SOURCE of your power, the KINGDOM WITHIN, right here in the core of your being.  When you focus your attention here, grow your power from your heart outward, you won’t need to fight. Your Light will disperse unwanted energy without battle, without stress. 

The question is: are you willing to pull your eyes from the fight, and put them on the Light?”

I woke and wrote down this question. I re-ask it every day.

© 2008 Angela Hite.  All Rights Reserved.

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