My First Vlog

Check me out!  I’m getting braver! Today I was “told” by my intuition to make a video of myself about today’s spiritual practice (I’m usually behind the camera).  And to my own surprise, I said yes!

INTUITION is the topic for my writing group’s next six-week series, and it fits beautifully with my “soul word” for 2016, FLOW. (Each year at a beautiful winter Solstice ceremony here in Los Angeles, led by my friend and mentor, Diana Lang, we invite a word or idea to rise up in our awareness, which then becomes a spiritual theme for the year ahead. My word was flow, and I’m amazed at all that has already flowed my way since receiving it.)

FLOW does ask one to be adventurous, though! So here I go!



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  1. Wow! Is this the same Angie I went to high school with? Where is that Mississippi accent? Your work is very impressive. I have been following a similar path, but you are much further down the path than I am. Keep up the good work!

  2. So nice to hear you talk, and exciting to understand the way you are using the word that is your focus this year…flow…how interesting. I am having a weekend retreat at my house in Jan, and perhaps we will try to focus on a word for each of us as well, to aid us in our personal growth. Thanks for sharing. And congrats for finding the courage to make the recording!! I enjoyed

    1. Thank you, Deborah! Its great to hear from you. I highly recommend doing a meditation process and “inviting” a soul-word to come up, and whatever it is, whether you like it at first or not, let it teach you. I’m really thrilled about my word this year, but I’ve gotten themes in the past that I didn’t understand at first, or maybe I even rebelled against at first, that then turned out to be amazing vehicles of spiritual awakening. We think we know what a word means, right? But with time and asking, oh my goodness, the layers of experiential awakening that can come!

      Blessings! And how cool you are leading a retreat. Would love to hear more!

    1. Thank you, Lei! Its kind of exciting, once I get past the knee-jerk reactions of “Do I really look like that? Do I really sound like that?” 😉 Happy New Year, my friend.

  3. Enjoyed your first VLOG, Angie! Flow is difficult until you take a look at it. It’s got me thinking as well. I look forward to your comments! Also, the video comes across very tranquil as well. Love the water! ~ cg

    1. Hey, Chuck! So glad to hear from you. I feel like there are literally a million lessons in this word. And we start with just inviting it in, right? I want more flow. I used to say (still do, actually) that wherever we put our focus is where we get our results. I think by just bringing an idea up onto the front burners of our consciousness, it begins to teach us what we need! I’m excited to see what comes next! And I’m glad the video came across well. I was FULL OF FLOW when I did it! And I didn’t give myself a chance to back out! Posted it right away!

      Happy New Year, my friend. Wishing you continued success in 2016. I really love your art.

  4. Great vlog! All of us speak in public are so surprised that we do not sound like we hear our self inside our head. With that said, your voice and expressions are great. May I use the vlog as an example to my students this next year in my High School STEM course?
    Happy New Years

  5. Thanks, my friend. I’ve not given the word flow much thought prior to this point, so you’re helping me be more aware and I shall keep it on my Mayberry radar. Excellent food for thought.

  6. Angie, you absolutely radiate love and beauty. Thank you so much for sharing your heart this way. You inspire me more than I can say. Love you!

  7. Love this! Your words, your delivery! Awesome! What I love most is that you make us think. You give us that opportunity to learn and dig deep within ourselves to explore things! Blessings to you in the New Year! Many thank for whet you do……

  8. Wow, oh wow, Angie! I’m really glad you listened to your intuition and made your first Vlog! You have definitely shown up, my friend, and it’s superb! Speaking from your heart with such grace and presence is warm and inviting and your message is beautifully inspiring. This is clearly the next big step for you! I love what you said about shifting one’s attitude when we find ourselves out of flow because we know that although self-examination can be grueling, it reveals our deepest truths and allows us to heal whatever is out of sync with our true Self. I can tell you I feel so much bigger than myself from hearing your message today and although I have my own “stuff” to work through, I know I’m not alone. And I think, that’s what we’re going for, isn’t it? No matter what our beliefs, I think we all want to connect with that infinite beauty that is inside of us and let it FLOW out and touch others which invites us all to explore inner and outer space – together!

    Big thumbs up! And much love.

    1. Oh, Debbie, thank you! Inner listening is my life’s work. I’m coming to accept that, even at this stage of my life…and finding ways to offer that dialogue out into the world in a way that is inviting is what I want to do! But jumping over fear is a day-by-day, step-by-step unfolding! I love you, my friend. Shine on!

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