Ghosts of Christmas Past

Christmas Nostalgia OneI’ve scratched my head for the last week, trying to find a topic I could write with genuine emotion on the subject of the holidays, and I’ve arrived at the feeling of nostalgia. Yesterday, despite my growing rebellion against commerce-driven, faux cheer, I joined the hustle and bustle of shopping and ended up in several antique stores, where, oh, wow, the nostalgia wafted from every pore!

Christmas Nostalgia SixAs I walked around covertly making photos with my iPhone, I really went down the rabbit hole of Christmas Past. I could practically feel the Silent Night, Holy Night seeping into my hungry heart, and I came home so grateful that I got a taste of that childlike tenderness again. My eyes fill up a little right now as I write about it.


Christmas Nostalgia TwoIn one of the shops I had an encounter with this beautiful and battered statue of Mary. Her eyes went right into me. I suppose I had fallen into a kind of hypnosis, what with all the artifacts of times gone by, and soft carols on the sound system, but I found myself completely caught in her gaze.  It was as if she were speaking with me through her eyes and marred face…encouraging me to yestouch with fondness those sweet, early memories, but more importantly, to use the nostalgia as an emotional stepping stone to embrace with my whole heart the precious now, dings, bruises, mileage and all…not to go numb and count the days till 2016, which I have to admit, has been my urge.

So I’m practicing…as I write this piece, and as I move forward through the remainder of the holidays…taking time to breathe all the way down, past and through the voices of resistance, chaos and habitual overwhelm to that holy place inside where magic and wonder are still alive and well.

I wish this for you too, during these last days of 2015…that you have a moment or two of reverence, of awe. Hug someone and feel them hug you back. Listen to sweet music and let it pour over you like rain. Walk outside in the dead of night and look  up at the majesty of the sky. As challenging as it may sometimes seem to experience, LOVE is right here, in THIS moment, in the most basic of things, ever available if we give it our attention.


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    1. Thank you, Janet! I had even gotten numbed to the carols. But this year I needed a good soaking in them, along with all this color and antiquity! Much love to you, my friend. Hugs right back!

  1. Great blog Angie. I can SO relate. About 20 years ago my sister got me a sweatshirt that had a picture of Santa Claus with “Bah Humbug” written underneath. “.. my growing rebellion against commerce-driven, faux cheer” – indeed and amen. I couldn’t wait for the whole thing to turn into January. Glad that vibe is well in the past though. Other than no Dodgers and the days being too short and cold .. this is Really fun time of the year 🙂

    1. Thank you, Les! Christmas was always my favorite holiday until four or five years ago, when something broke…Partly, it was the natural progression as my daughter grew up (nothing like kids to keep the holidays alive in us)…but also, I just became so frustrated and overwhelmed with trying to make our holiday match the holidays of tv land. I didn’t realize I was doing this, but I was. (And since I’m a good Producer, I can produce the heck out of a holiday…but at a terrible price!) So it is so great to just have that knowledge….that right here in front of us is richness enough! Happy Ho Ho Ho to you!

  2. I love you so much!!
    The Mary you found, in the glorious spirit of wabi sabi, is exquisitely beautiful, and I was touched deeply by her even through your photograph of her. Thank you for finding her, and sharing her. It brings up my nostalgia of our sacredness, and remembering that big love.

  3. I seem at my old age do a lot of remembering. Our friends and Christmas times at Byram, my college Christmases at Delta State, my Christmases with Vicki and our young children, and the family get to gathers with uncles, aunts, cousins and grands. That was great!
    But now, my grown children, my grandchildren, my families of Vicki and my church family makes Christmas even better. It is great in both worlds, past and present.
    Merry Christmas and may God Bless you.

  4. I’m right there with you in the nostalgia department. It’s why I love going to flea markets … seeing bruised duplicates of my childhood toys, games and books. Bittersweet memories, to be sure … and so grateful to have them! Merry Christmas, my friend!

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