Fierce Love

Fierce LoveLast week, at a meditation led by my friend and spiritual mentor Diana Lang, she talked with those of us gathered at her home about her favorite subject and ours – Love. Diana is an Energy-Sensitive, among her many gifts, and she could feel the shielding most of us had up that evening…subtle self-consciousness and/or judgments in one form or another. When we’re in a state of judgment (whether it is toward others or toward ourselves) we’re not aligned with Love; but as communal human beings we’re habituated to unconsciously evaluate ourselves along a comparative continuum (better than/less than those around us). Those judgments block the heart, and thus, the flow of Love.

So Diana talked to us about Love, fierce Love, which I would like to talk about, too. Fierce Love is the force that lights the universe, that keeps this world on axis, that can move mountains, that can move us! And God knows, we need that force now more than ever. But Fierce Love operates through an open heart, which means a vulnerable one, one that can get hurt again and again. Fierce Love is fired through the heart that is willing to stand exposed in the face of all that can come at it, all that will come at it. This was the heart of Jesus, and the heart he instructed us to have. It was also the heart of the Buddha, of Gandhi, of Martin Luther King. It is the heart of the Mother.

There’s an old country song entitled Love or Something Like It. We live a whole lot of our lives in the Something Like It category, because we love, but we cling to our judgments, and we protect our hearts. This is human nature. But our human evolution is now a spiritual one, an evolution of consciousness, and the force, the pulse of Love is calling us to become more courageously vulnerable, to be fierce in our commitment to first and foremost know that kind of Love, to receive that kind of Love.

Another wonderful song from a few decades ago is I Wanna Know What Love Is, sung with great passion by Lou Gramm and the band Foreigner. We’ve heard it a million times, maybe to the point that it feels corny, but I have it on my music playlist, and I listen to it as a prayer:

I wanna know what Love is!
I want you to show me!
I wanna feel what Love is!
I know you can show me!

Our egos are so clever in their defensive trickery. But we’re learning more and more to feel our way past the ego. When I start feeling a dryness in my heart, and I doubt my capacity to move even a molehill, much less a mountain, then I know I’m not in Love, not all the way in. There is more. There is always more to surrender.

So this is my prayer for myself and for you, too.  May we know what Love is!  May we open to its fierce flow so that we lead our lives chest out, wide open, expecting, witnessing, and wielding miracles! May we recognize and reject all the self-abusive, non-Love whispers of too old, too young, too tired, too unqualified, too cool, too whatever that block the channel. May the strength and the humility of Love comingle to deepen and enrich our understanding and expression. May we take in stride the pain of an open heart and grow in courage to keep it open anyway.  May we forgive everyone for everything, most especially ourselves.

Blessings, my friends.

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  1. Just what I needed to hear today……..and continue to put into practice and prayer in my life. An open heart for that fierce love to live. Thank you Angie. So well expressed and shared and NEEDED.

  2. Thank you, Angie, from my heart, for a “fierce” call to love NOW. Let this be our prayer – that every sentient being on our beautiful planet Earth may come to understand the UNITY of all of life because when we do, we cease to judge ourselves and all others. May we realize our shared humanity.

    What would happen … if we loved everyone, everything, in just this moment no matter what? Can we remember our true nature, our divine essence beyond labels and conditioning and extend love to ourselves and every form of life? What would it feel like?

    May we begin with the four powerful phrases of Ho’oponopono:

    I’m sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.

    Beautiful message, my friend! Beautiful.

  3. Thank you for the most important reminder of all, Angie….to love fully (and fiercely) with an open heart!!!! And what would happen, Debbie McGowan, if we were able to do this for just one moment? I’m thinking we would realize Heaven on earth!!!!

    Also, I love, love, love that Foreigner song, Angie! It has been my prayer for a long time now. Don’t mind at all when it gets stuck in my head.

    Blessings to all!

  4. FIERCE love! What a seeming juxtaposition — yet the two words together evoke such power. You are a word goddess, Angie! Thanks for sharing your beautiful gift!

    1. Thank you, love, but I can’t take credit for the juxtaposition, only the recognition of its force and the desire to know it!

    1. Bless you, Diana. We are moving! It feels like inching sometimes, but we are moving into new and deeper Love. I am one of many who are learning how to go there through your example. Big Love, my friend!

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