Facebook Loving Awareness Challenge

I Am Loving AwarenessThe meditation practice I mentioned yesterday from Ram Dass, “I Am Loving Awareness” is really proving to be an effective and  gentle process of reconditioning my inner landscape. I wrote about the end-of-day exercise I tried, in which I scanned my body, mind and emotions through the lens of loving awareness, through the language of “I love you.” Mostly what I felt in that one practice was my own resistance…how much subtle, invisible-to-the-naked-eye, non-love actually existed as the backdrop of my thoughts.

But since then I have done this exercise many times –  five minutes here and there. I simply look at what is happening in the now of my life, both outwardly and inwardly, and I send love to it. I notice all my opinions and thoughts about whatever is happening, and I send love to those as well. There is something powerful in this! A palpable energy shift.

Then I tried it with Facebook. Wow, that is a practice, let me tell you! Try it yourself and you will see. Scroll through Facebook and bless every single post, whether you agree with it or not. Send love to every single person. Notice your emotions about each post and person. Notice your body’s response. Notice your judgments and opinions, both pro and con. Then become Loving Awareness about it all. Become a Loving God in those moments toward everyone, including yourself. Especially yourself! Can you separate opinion from judgment and emotion? Can you love and wish well those whose opinions you disagree with? Can you love yourself regardless of your success at this? And when you get caught up in a story or your opinion of a story and notice that you’re caught, can you just return to loving awareness right there and then? Laugh a little about it? Play with it? Keep it light?

I want to try this everyday for awhile and see what happens. I’ll report in. If you like this challenge, let me know your experience. I have the sense that it could be revolutionary!

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  1. Great challenge! I love interactive things! What I’m observing and learning first hand is that Facebook is not just a place to catch up with friends and talk about what I’d like to call “surface” subjects which is fun, too. We can go deeper because it’s also a very valuable platform for spiritual growth in that we get to witness and observe not only what others say and feel about, for instance, what’s happening in our world today and the challenges we face in trying to figure out what we can do to promote cooperation instead of competition and peace instead of conflict. So it’s about learning to watch our own reactions to what others are saying especially when what we read may trigger something in us that incites fear which can throw us way off course. So I believe it’s our own “fear” we must identify and come to terms with first before we can open our hearts and BE loving awareness and “love everything”. As the great Ram Dass has said, “we’re all just walking each other home.” I’m enjoying your website immensely, Angie. Thank you.

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