Cowabunga, Baby: Getting Back on the Board

CowabungaHi, everyone. It has been weeks since I wrote or shot a video.  Because I started the year out with this big burst of FLOW energy, you might wonder what the heck happened. Did I fall off the wave? Absolutely! Did I get back on the board? Absolutely! Did I wipe out again? Absolutely!

That’s the energy of the world these days…extreme rides, crash-and-burns, recoveries. Even the most excellent energy “surfers” (of which I’m not yet one) come off the board. That’s how they know they are going for it! And if the waves are large enough (as they certainly have been) the tumble is as spectacular as the ride.

And here is another fun fact about FLOW: it can’t exist without its less popular twin, EBB.  Even if you are not plummeting in a news-worthy nose-dive, there still comes a time when the high-ride ends. Until the next one.

This is all obvious stuff I’m telling you, but in the metaphoric sense, we tend to think we have done something wrong if we are falling or ebbingAnd in truth, we might be spending too much time watching from the safe and sunny sand. Or conversely, we might be somewhat addicted to the adrenaline of wrestling with sharks. Those are worthy questions to ask, but we also need to remind ourselves that there are phases in flow. Energy, by its very nature, moves.

I am finishing a huge, six-week kitchen renovation, and it has been a wild ride, let me tell you, with multiple highs and lows. From budgeting and design deliberations… to ripping out and building back. From household chaos, noise, dust, fumes and family stress…to delicious, delightful transformation. From power-brokering with contractor and crew…to finding balance and acceptance with my own, often overwrought, perfectionistic vision and the real-world of compromise and letting go. But I built something. I built something beautiful.

Today, it’s gray and moody here in sunny, southern California. Rain is in the forecast. And there’s no one in the house but me for a couple more hours. Writing weather! So here I am, paddling out, getting back on the writing board.  It’s not a big one, but I’m in the water!!!

Gnarly, dude!


14 Replies to “Cowabunga, Baby: Getting Back on the Board”

  1. Hey, Angie girl! It’s great to hear from you. I always look forward to and enjoy your very timely messages of great wisdom and reflection on navigating this life. I’m that person on the surf board, too – sometimes I’m up, sometimes I fall down and bust my butt, and sometimes I just sort of hang on somewhere in the middle. I think the more we practice getting back on the board, the easier it becomes to show ourselves acceptance and compassion if we don’t always get it right. So we must experience the ebb and flow or duality of life simply because if we didn’t have duality, we would not yearn and strive for wholeness and unity. We’re definitely getting a lot of practice in riding the waves with the very intense planetary energies surrounding us so far in 2016 that are letting us know we must hang on. What’s the saying? It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.

    Right on and COWABUNGA, baby! Oh, and totally gnarly, duuuuuude … (wink wink). Love you, my friend.

    1. Debbie, girl, it is so true. Its the contrast! That’s been one of the major lessons of these days! And the shades of contrast, omg. Love you!

  2. Yes, it always catches me off guard when I realize (again!) that nothing is static. All of life changes all around us and we change in response. Seeing your blog post pop up again in my email was one of those welcome changes. Your inward eye and never-ending reflection are touchstones for so many of us. Thank you, my friend! Can’t wait to see the new kitchen! Xoxo

    1. Love you, Bren. The kitchen is killer, and we will have a christening soon! The whole “get back on the board” thing, though we all know it, must be reignited for us all over and over again. So I’m happy to remind, and happy to be reminded!!!

  3. Gorgeously reported! The conditions are universal. Thanks for the update and play by play. My toes have dipped but it’s been enough to stand at the shore! The spray has me dancing

  4. I am impressed. You didn’t wipe out! Thank you for these lovely reminders. I won’t feel guilty about watching re-runs of Downton Abbey instead of getting out in the world.

    1. Hello, dear Heide! Yes, let us love Ebb equally! Downton Abbey reruns on this rainy weekend sounds like a celebration! Miss you!

  5. Angie! Feeling this so deeply and love how you’ve put it into an analogous writing….so profoundly well. Yes, I too have fallen off my newsletters, and its been ebbing and flowing so great that I’m only now sitting down to calmer waters and admire the space. Missing you and loving you so~~~

    1. Gypsy Courtney Love! I am so happy to hear from you, and I feel you all the way at your end of the globe! But we can trust our lives, can’t we? We can just BE with how we are! Much love, my beautiful friend. All is well!

  6. I just saw this post, Angie! (Must’ve been in that EBB!) just love the imagery and relate so much – Gnarly, dudette!

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