Hello, and welcome to my website, in progress!

It has been a tumultuous year across the globe for women… and for me, personally…with much inner wrestling, surrendering,  growing and trusting in the greater forces at work behind the scenes. The result has brought forth a whole new endeavor – ANGELA HITE DESIGNS –  a line of handmade greeting cards, gifts, and art pieces that are meant to to inspire, encourage and empower the awakening Divine Feminine. The times are calling forth our offerings, whether great or small, and each of us has a part to play. It makes me happy to discover that my ever-evolving highest offering is the activity that brings me the most joy.

For the last three years I have been leading WRITE THROUGH YOUR HEART WORKSHOPS – soulful, creative writing groups for women – which also give me great joy! My 2018 goal is to expand the number of classes I offer here in Los Angeles, as well as to launch an online writing circle.

It is truly awe-inspiring to see powerful women of differing cultures and beliefs, ages and life-experiences, explore  their deep knowing in a compassionate, encouraging, differences-embracing atmosphere.  We are rediscovering our togetherness…our complimentariness…one of our feminine knowings that has been too long pushed underground. It is only together that we can change the world.

In these days, when anger, incivility, divisiveness and vitriol have become the new normal, the awakening Feminine Divine is a counter-force of great magnitude. I am so deeply grateful to play whatever role I can in that activation.

Thank you for stopping by. You’ll find more  information on upcoming workshops and the new design line under the pull-down menu items, above. Please stay tuned for the online shop to launch, and watch for some of my  pieces to pop up in your favorite stores!