6x4If you live long enough, if you “follow your bliss,” as Joseph Campbell advised, and if your bliss changes over the years, then you’ll likely wear a closet full of hats in your lifetime. This has certainly been true for me. After a brief stint as a travel agent in the deep south, I moved to California and went from fledgling singer/songwriter in my early years, to ad exec and production company CEO for the next profitable twenty. Then, in my late forties, I switched gears to writing and the study of the subconscious. I went to school for hypnotherapy and guided imagery, taught and worked as a hypnotherapist for several years, then became passionately devoted to the intersection of creativity and personal, spiritual evolution, which I realize now was always my “bliss.” This is now  what I teach.

The most constant hat I’ve worn, however, the one I’ve never removed throughout my six decades and counting, is that of SEEKER. Those words of Jesus, “Seek and ye shall find,” were from my youth a calling, a challenge, and quite often a rock in my shoe.

But somewhere along the way (in my early fifties, I think), I had the epiphany that I was not only a seeker but a FINDER as well! That moment was paradigm-changing. It was as if I grew up all at once. I realized that all those years of seeking had yielded a wealth of wisdom and heart-knowing that needed to be SHARED.  

You’ll see in the variety of my posts that this is not a site committed to a singular spiritual point of view. My seeking has been heart-led, and one of my discoveries is that the heart is naturally unboundaried, if we allow it. The heart will literally sing YES! to us in the presence of truth, and it will point out cultural, religious and philosophical common denominators, rather than differences. The most important, the most profound of these common denominators, of course, is LOVE. The heart seems to have a magnet in it that pulls us toward communion, connection, and compassion, if we keep the channel clear. But, oh how skilled we are at clogging up the channel!  So it is to these I am dedicated, to the best of my ability: surrendering to the pull of love, and working daily at keeping the channel clear. 

Women TogetherOne of my favorite quotes of all time is this one by Ram Dass: We are all just walking each other home.” Isn’t that great? Let’s walk together!


32 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Debbie

    What a lovely introduction to your beautiful website, Angie. Thank you for inviting us to seek, find and share with you! The “heart” is truly where the action is and I look forward to taking the journey with you and others who gather here.

    Peace, Love and JOY to you, my friend!


  2. Brenda Hillhouse

    Angie, my soul sister, this is a wonderful gift to the world! So Proud of you for sharing it and so impressed with the wealth of inspiring resources you have compiled! God bless this new adventure!

  3. Korbin

    I am SOOO proud of you! Your words will help a LOT of people … I know they have and always to help me!


  4. Laura Cowen

    Dear Angela, I am so happy and thankful that you’ve created this page! Beautiful design!
    I have been in love with your writing for years, and am thrilled that you will be sharing more of it here.
    You have an amazing gift for writing, and infuse every word with big love and deep wisdom.
    Thank you for sharing your heart.
    I love you! ❤️

    1. Angela Hite Post author

      Dear Laura, I am always so deeply touched by your sweet support and kind words! And I love you, too! <3

  5. Brittany Blaine

    Your Website is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to pass it on. You are truly dedicated to making a difference and I am so proud of you for leaving your fingerprint in this world as your creativeness is inspirational and wondrous.

  6. Zonia Anaya

    Dear Angela, I love your website…thank you for inviting me…looking forward to reading all your blogs.

  7. Robin Berk

    How fortunate for us that you not only continue to follow your bliss but that you take us along for the ride! Wonderful site, Angie! Your cover shot holding the sparkler is absolutely perfect! Thank you for all the positive energy you expound!!

  8. Joan Hoelscher

    I am finally getting (taking) the opportunity to explore your new website, Angie! I have always loved the beautiful way you are able to express yourself! It resonates! I loved reading about your “thymus thumping” this morning. I am not unfamiliar, but a perfect day for me to be reminded as well. Seems like it always happens that way ;-).

    Thank you for including me in your beautiful, heart-centered website. Yes! Let’s walk together!

  9. Tai Carmen

    “The heart will literally sing YES! to us in the presence of truth, and it will point out cultural, religious and philosophical common denominators, rather than differences.”

    Exactly right!

    I love that paradigm shift from seeker to…finder. A big realization!

    I’ve had that experience as well. For so long the word “seeker” seemed the most charged, apt description of my path …but over the last year or so I began to feel it didn’t quite seem to fit anymore. For exactly the reason you described. I still identify with that description, but it seems slightly incomplete to me now. Journeyer maybe. 😉

    Here’s to the journey. And to the heart, which leads us home.

    On on!


  10. Buddy

    ‘”Love” your site, Angela!
    ‘Didn’t realize our distant, almost parallel path…

    (And, of course, I can’t wait till you open “Seek. Find. Share.” for men–the way you’ve opened and shared with your sisters.)


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